Monday, May 3, 2010

So here's a blog

about wanting to write a blog
but not knowing what to write about
or how to write it.
I'm at work right now, alone with Phil, and we're playing oldies.
I'm pretty chill.
Today is my friend's birthday
He's an amazing kid, and we're slowly becomming best friends
not like mormon best friend status
but a few notches under
athiest status? i'm okay with this.
he understands my state of mind and meaning in life more than anyone i've ever met
and i am glad we have realized this and are becomming so close.
also, he owns my soul
like, literaly.
its a good story. ask me about it.
there's this GIRL
this mormon GIRL that I love with all my heart
and i miss her soulllll
her perfect clean delcious mormon bewithyouforever soul
my next tattoo might be the dandilion
oh, on that note, these are the tattoos i want as of late..
there's no sense crying over every mistake
I am not just a character out of some book and you are not my god
MAYBE live together, die alone (on the bottom of my feets)
something cosmic and outerspacey
a ladybug (for momma!)
an octopus
a pin up on my calf

WOAH thats a lot, i can dig it.
also, maybe dreds? and if dreads, then a ceptom piercing.
but that'd be in teh future. i love mah curly hair.
I should probibly WORK... hrmm...
thanks for reading my braingasm! <3

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