Monday, May 24, 2010

In Leu of Dead Brides.

I'm the type of girl who cant let anything go
but im learning.
I can stare at the mirror for hours
and baby, it's getting better every minute.
eating kiwi's and carrots with ranch makes me think of you.
I scramble over rocks and leap with my eyes wide open
I reach with all my might and heave with every ounce of strength.
singing in the rain and trampolines make me think of you.
my car is full of ladybugs
my heart if full of wonder
and my head is wrapped in confort and imbraces.
sandwiches and cut fingers make me think of you.
I'm a mess, but I think I pull it off well
I want to travel
I want to get the hell out of WA for awhile.
I still play my gameboy advance
and read comic books
and fall asleep durring long talks with friends
I cant remember how to swim to save my life
my foot is demolished
I like to model

and this world is mine for the taking.

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