Sunday, May 16, 2010

I don't mind what anybody else does.

This is to running like airplanes down a trial full of roots and rocks
and having no care in the world.
this is to scaling the side of a mountain
with nothing but hopes of reaching the top
and trust in the person behind you.
but fear?
out of the question.
this is planning trips
and being ourselves
and enjoying every single second of it.
seahorses and raindrops
vanity and stupidity
picking at cuts
not wanting the bleeding to stop.
these are the reasons
the ways
i'll get better.
this is surrounding myself with friends who get up and go
and do.
no more second guesses
or insecurities
the time you have is all you got.
think about it
why dream about heroes
and what you could do with your life
be your own hero
go out and do something with your life
do ANYTHING with it
this is the best friends you're making
and the time you take to better them
and yourself.

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