Tuesday, May 11, 2010

making a difference.

this is it, this is the start.
this is me changing for the better
this is trying and fighting and hurting
and masochism.
self improvement is self destruction.

today a friend posted a blog about something i did, not knowing i did it
and she made my day
and it makes me wonder, how many other people are impacted by me without me, or maybe even them, knowing?
it made me feel golden
because i go out of my way to make people happy
and starting this week, i'm shooting for the stars.

there's a show called the buried life
it's roughly what i want to do
make a list of things to accomplish
and at the same time, better other peoples lives/lists.

another thing
christopher guiterrez
is still my hero.

and i'm making new mistakes
starting new beginings
and this is for the better
"sometimes burning bridges is the only way to ensure you wont return to unhealthy situations."

im making a friend
one to keep for a long time
and he's just a friend
because right now, it's me time
so this is my post to the world
you can be friends with the oposite sex and just be friends
thank you, thank you very much.

todays goal?
feel beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad to have impacted you in such a way! <3
    And I believe in you. Always.