Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's because of you I fight to keep going
the night always brings the darkness out best.
It's because you have opened the door to your head
that I can finally see into your heart.
I want to keep learning, what obstacles will scare you
what situations will you thrive from
how you will make that garden flourish.
As long as you let me into your realm
I am here to wander it
learn what you know
and plant the seeds I have already formed.
I want you to be my wonder
for you to fill my lungs with hope and strength
I will be here for your stability and caress.
I want to be the pebbles you skip on a sunny day
the light that drowns out the rest
I want to be your first
because I hope you to be my last.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

less catching up and more slowing down
every once in awhile we don't float that well
and forget we can drown.
less giving in and more branching out
walking around this spacious city
removes all my doubt.

we forget we are loved,
find a dark cloud and get stuck under it
but if we just look up
the light might find us
and remind us to never surrender.