Monday, May 24, 2010

an essay of males.

So in conversation with my best friend, I made a statement that I didn’t think too hard about until I sent it. That statement was "I'm over boys. Next mission? Men".
Some people never realize the difference between males. There are 3 different types of males; Boys, guys, and men.
Boys are the stupid trials, the ones you chase around the playground, to later chase around high school, to then chase after while they are concealing your heart in their arms like a linebacker on the longest football field known to woman, in ‘life’ stadium. Boys can become “boyfriends”, which means nothing more than a childish male that will hold your hand and either constantly disappoint, or rock your world. I have had many boyfriends, handfuls, in fact, but many of them were just what their title says, boys. They ranged from 15-25 (throughout the years, you see) and no matter how hard I tried, their boyish charm won me over. I’ve dated guys YEARS older than me, to find out they were mentally decades younger.
Then there are guys. Guys are what I like to call “inanimate objects”, like a stapler, coffee maker, or lamp. A guy can usually range (in my opinion) from age 20-60, they can be after you, just like to look at you, or just a friend. I don’t go after whoever I consider a ‘guy’ because a guy to me can only be that, a guy, more than a boy, but just not enough to be more than a friend or acquaintance. Guys can start out as boys, even as men, but once they become a ‘guy’ that is what they will remain. I have tons of guy friends, many have attempted another status, but whether they realize it or not, that is forever what they will be.
Then there is the final male, the best of them all, the Man. Men are the ones to depend on, whether it’s for dinner plans, to cheer you up, or to win your heart. Men are the ones who understand your side in most situations, give their everything, and are still there in the end. Men can fight to open the door first, give you a pick on planning, and/or listen to every word you say in detail, and ask you to keep going. Men can be friends, ‘man-friends’ (if you will), acquaintances, hell, they can be just anything, and any age. I’ve only had the fortune to date one ‘man’, and he started out as a really good friend, and though it is in his nature to not give up, we decided (after a trial) friendship would be best. Though I have made my case and point, and have stated we should only remain friends, he will always be there for me, and will always be waiting for another trial, if I allow it. Men wait, and wait it out good, and sometimes can be seen as nuisances, but be wary, for boys and guys can also pick up this trait, thus tricking you to think that the rest of them have transformed into men.
Right now I am currently in a state of singleness, which includes me being me. I am almost 20, and feel I have transformed from ‘girl’ to ‘woman’, and to some people, I will always be a ‘chick’ (apply previous details with slight changes). After this state of single-dom, I will continue this journey of life, searching for men to treat me right, as for I will treat them the same. That time will come when it comes, and it has no date of arrival, and I love learning new things about myself every day. I am loving getting used to this.

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