Wednesday, April 28, 2010

your love is the best sound

I have ever heard.

and as I have said before
I'm a mess
but baby, look behind me
you see that rainbow?
it didnt make itself.
sure, I ignore some people
I am cold to them
and I can even admidt that I hate atleast 3 people on this planet
but i've fought to get to where I am.
maybe being a teenager who is working 2 office jobs and a sewing job on the side doesnt look that hard to achive
but making and maintaining the friends and expieriences that paint that rainbow could break you're back.
I've got almost five dollars worth of change in my back pocket
what can you say about yourself?
it's never this bright
inside or out
there is pain, and suffering
and shitty happenings
but baby, look at the brightside
it'll be there in the end.
if you think like me
do good, only good, all day
and eventually you'll get a short break
then its back to the hussle and bustle
or you can read your books
and talk to someone you cant see
and cross your fingers things will be good in the end.
take a pick, i'm not poking at anyones beliefs
but telling it like it is in my mind
it's what i can do on my blog!

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