Sunday, April 4, 2010

Maybe because it's easter

or because I feel broken but beautiful...
i want to write.
maybe it's because Dazed and Confused has a good soundtrack
or because I am slowly begining to get sick of movies.
it might be because I'm sure %70 of the time that someone says "I love you"
it's a lie.
but maybe I'm wrong
mabye movies dont suck my soul through my eyes
but they do make people stupid
and way too serious.
movies are for fun and relaxing, not arguing and trying to find whats wrong with it.
but hey, thats just me i guess.
maybe I just believe none of what I hear
and half of what I see
and since im a visual person
watching someone who pledges they're love to you walk away and throw everything to the ground
doesnt really help your case.
slow ride
schools out
low rider
tuesday's gone.

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