Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll scream it from every mountain top

It's because I realized you're here in ten days...
And maybe, karma doesn't hate me
Because after 5 years
I finally get what I've been looking for these 19.5 years of my life.
I get that feeling inside
Like the one you receive during turbulence
Or that queasy feeling that you cant help but smile and scream about
That enters your stomach at the top of the roller coaster.
It’s the reason why I started squealing
And almost cried
While driving home with you in my mind
And vanilla twilight by owl city in the background.
I feel this all because throughout the years
You’re the one thing I've wanted
But only been able to look at from far away
Only been able to touch through gloved hands
And now, I get to see you up close
Feel you with my skin
And Kiss every inch of your amazing being.
You’re always on my mind
You’re name is constantly on my lips
I know exactly what you're feeling
And what sad, somber, or ridiculous face you are making
When you say something, sigh, or produce an adorable sound out of your lips.
It’s because you're always going to be here,
No matter what I do
It’s because I can tell that we're in this together
That I have the need to tell you
That Johnny Kunz, I love you.

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