Tuesday, March 2, 2010


And then we made love to the darkness
everything that ever was or ever will be fell into our hands
our sweaty, groping, shaking hands.
never again will I look at you the same
I'm not even sure where you are
or what you are doing
or if all that you say and do is a jest
a play
but right now, I know what you are
what you were
what you forever will be.
You are darkness, sir.
You may be new to me
but you are the nightmare that fills my sleep to the brim
you are of ashes and leather, brass and shatterd feelings
you will forever be broken,
but you will forever be beautiful.
No one will understand that you are not from this relm
no one will see what I see in your eyes
as well as understand your want for hatred.
I see it, I understand it, and I love it.
You are the feeling of falling
the moment before impact
the kiss someone never wanted
the touch people fear to feel.
You are broken and bleeding and strong
and quite simply
you are part of me.

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