Sunday, April 7, 2013

you are not the sum of your parents mistakes

sometimes I feel like I am dragging my feet across the bottom of a lake
and my ankles get tangled in every lost fishing line
boot strap
or plant life.
sometimes I think I cant cry any harder
or laugh any louder
or think any longer about that one little mistake I made.
I don't want to be able to say "no, I can't, I have something to take care of"
because I would rather be climbing
or hiking up a new mountain
and not have to worry about the money in my pocket
or the food I wont be able to eat.
I want to be able to smile at my naked face in the mirror every morning
and not think about that pound I could lose
or gain
or the makeup that might make my face look more attractive.

and neither should you.

you shouldn't let anything or anyone run your life
you might think you are in control
you are happy
but under all that makeup, and all those moments
you are lying to yourself.
if you are not happy in any situation
be it unhealthy, cluttered, drunken, or anything otherwise
you should change it.
for yourself
not anyone else.

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