Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have started to realize life goes by pretty fast.
everyone tells you "high school will be a blur"
"when you're my age, you'll understand"
"I wish I was your age again"
you shouldn't be wishing you are any other age than you are now
maybe you should have lived those years with more meaning in them.
I have been filling my life with little victories
like eating all the brownies I want and ignoring how tight my pants get
and moving past the people in my life that are hurting or confusing me.
I want to make up a list of things I plan on doing in my life
loose, simple things that I have always wanted.

I have wanted to live in a VW bus since i was in elementary school.
blame Mrs. Frizzle, and Mr. Rodgers.
I kinda do.

*marry me*
I dont need the big event, the giant rock, the dress that is worn once
hell, I dont even need the paperwork
but i want a promise, a sacred day, and lots of honesty.

slow your groove train, not anytime soon, by ANY means whatsoever
I want to be at least in my late twenties, which gives me 5+ years to do all the things that I want without worrying about money, a babysitter, etc.
kids are kind of gross, let's just be honest.

those are really the only things I have wanted in life
you know, besides dreading my hair, or dying it rainbow, or owning strange pets
and tattooing/piercing my entire being
but I don't need to write a list of things to do before I die
because maybe it's not about what you do
it's about how you do it
and I plan on doing it with a smile inside and out.

thanks for reading.

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