Thursday, April 11, 2013

he said "i never knew you were a 'woo girl'"

and I almost lost my mind
so because I let my feelings out when I felt like I was going to explode
I was just another one of those girls
those girls that you laugh at because you could never understand them
i'm sorry I wasn't everything you were looking for
I am sorry I couldn't move to another state to be ignored by you
I am sorry that when those fireworks reached the top of the needle
I couldn't contain my excitement for the coming year
for the person I was going to be
and that unhappy, unsure girl that was being left behind.

So I want to run through these streets barefoot
and blister every finger with a coarse wall that I can conquer
so one day I can look in the mirror and not worry about what I will look like when I am older
because I will feel so sexy and comfortable in my skin
my piercings
my tattoos and scars
and everything I have ever put this body through
will be a lesson, a stepping stone
to the strong woman I will be some day.

I work to better myself every day
and I am a better person because of it.
and I love myself.

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