Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I just wanna be told I kick more ass than every other girl you've ever met.

I just cant pick me up
I cant swim
I need someones help
but every ones hands are falling off
they keep speaking, but their words turn into bubbles and pop
nothing is real
nothing happens
I keep falling
letting my unorganized life take over
letting my disorders take over
no one sees
and I cant get myself to speak to save my life
I hurt so much
so so so so much
every emotion, every plan that falls through
every step hurts
but it doesn't matter
i don't matter
nothing matters.
If I drank, I would be drunk right now
if I did drugs, Kurt and I would be talking right now
but I don't like that shit
so I am going to go cry and fall asleep on a wet pillow
and you're going to think nothing of this blog.

p.s. I am loosing my Christmas spirit

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