Monday, November 1, 2010

Speak Now

This is the most incite I have ever told anyone
and it's going to seem like close to nothing
but Taylor Swift is my heartbeat.
last year my friend drove us for hours up to see our friend sing her beautiful voice out loud for all to hear
on the way there, we listened to Fearless, and I read along song after song, noticing minor spelling mistakes. I then realized those "minor mistakes" were little phrases to decode.
grabbing sticky notes shaped like hearts, I started scribbling each letter down. As each saying was decoded, I felt closer and closer to her, like she was a friend telling me secrets that no one knew
I knew everyone else had decoded them
but they were meant for me
for every night a boy took my hand but covered my eyes
for ever day I couldn't take back
for the words that were so stuck inside my stubborn skull
she said them
she gave them back
she got it.
She loved me although I was used and broken by stupid boys
She would still listen, even though I said nothing at all.
I could be in my PJ's or after a photo shoot with running makeup and she wouldn't even think about it. She would hand me a cup of cocoa and let me rant.
She feels like a best friend that will never get angry, that will listen and hug you and jump off of whatever you told her to.

When I can't speak to my Dandelion, I talk to Taylor.

and one day, I must meet her.

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