Tuesday, November 30, 2010

creepy dreams

I don't like anything that is considered supernatural
I had my little spiff with it when I was younger, I loved it and followed it around
but now it just creeps me the fudge out.

I had a dream last week about driving in Seattle, and I am trying to get somewhere, but I turn at a light an am in the wrong lane. When I realize I either need to reverse or plummet into cars then a bay, I screech on my breaks to gtfo, but when I turn my head to check behind me, the scene changes
and I am at this park looking thing, on a jump that (apparently) a bunch of idiots and red necks jump their shitty vehicles off of. after getting hit by a truck, I am launched onto the ground and cut a bunch. after arguing, I somehow wind up in factory and keep having these weird gosty night vision dream flash backs.
I am looking up at a box on a forklift
A man in a hoodie is picking out a pipe and beating it on his hand
then a door with big HAZARD DO NOT ENTER signs on it
there are more, I just cant remember them yet

I had the dream again tonight.
this dream started out the same, but I had a huge German Shepard with me, and I greatly piss off the idiots with the car ramp, but as they are beating my brains out two guys come over and help me out.
I appear back in the factory, have the little dream flashback deals, and I find the pipe the guy picks out, and upon beating it upon my palm, I hear the same little sound I do when I have that vision. upon enspecting the inside of the pipe, I see a key taped to it. one of the guys (who amazingly look a lot like Jay and Silent Bob) gets a coat hanger and gets it out, and I have a vision of said big door, and then one of a weird cabin.
That is where I woke up and freaked out, because I have had dreams like these as a kid, and in the door (back then) there was this little graveyard with a bunch of history secrets in it, but this time the door is in another place, and the people are different.
I just know I am not a fan of waking up after sleeping for 3 hours to not wanting to move in bed and wanting to crawl in with your mom and cry yourself to sleep
I dont know why that dream freaks me out, it just really does.

thanks for reading my half coherent words

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