Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This week

Is the best week I have had in months, and its only half way done.
Monday I bought the new Taylor swift CD. I then talked to my other half, my soul mate, and I couldn't fall asleep because I was so happy.We're planning a trip.
Tuesday, I talked to an old friend that I thought I lost, but I was totally wrong. I missed him so much, we talked for an hour, and I fell asleep smiling
Today, like yesterday, is a sunny, warm, fall day.
It's bright, warm, and smells like brand new, like a bright future
Today I am making dinner for three, playing a computer game I am hooked on, and talking to my other half again
Thursday I am seeing my family
Friday I am filling out paperwork for Fred Meyer Jewelers, then seeing Tolf with Shane for sushi
This weekend will be busy, moving junk, cleaning, and hoping for sun
but life
is looking

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