Wednesday, October 27, 2010

small rant

Alright, so yes, we all reproduce
It's wonderful, it's "Gods gift", it's a miracle
But we can only say "congratulations!" so many times
your Facebook is YOUR Facebook
Not your baby's
so I understand posting preggo pictures with small "yup, still an oven" updates, but they don't seem to ever stop after you push out the darn thing. Also, videos start.
Posting 8 pictures a day with your status updates only being about your baby and their pooping, noises, sleep schedule, etc. is not what I am friends with you on FB for
I am friends with you because I want to hear how you are doing, and see pictures of you. I understand one or two pictures a week, or small updates, but every single one?I don't know, maybe I'm not making any sense, This technology ridden world full of enternet hype and no person to person communication is getting to me.
Spend more time with your kid then posting crud about them on FB.

Thank you, Blogspot. Have a good one.

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