Friday, October 1, 2010

Number one hundred

Today is "change your profile picture to your favorite villain" on Facebook. Since I love comics and the fight between good and bad, right and wrong, I googled my favorite comic series, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. After clicking through pages of clips that I have always loved, of Death, Desire, Lucifer, Dream, and Oden, I realized something; all of the reoccurring characters can be described as villains.
The books are usually centered around Dream (Morpheus) who starts out in a struggle of freedom, to finding his necessary instruments, to rebuilding his relm and taking back over the dreaming. Morpheus can create good dreams, but in all, he is a cold, dark being that creates nightmares. He banished someone who loved him to hell, because they did not listen to him. Morpheus is a Villian
There are characters worse than Morpheus, such as Lucifer, Loki, and even Desire, which brought me to think more on the family of The Endless. The family consists of Death, Dream, Desire (who is twins with) Despair, Destruction, Delirium, and Destiny.
I began reading The Sandman comics when I was younger, then picked them back up in high school, and recently (my fantastically amazing) boyfriend bought me the Absolute edition, which is four books with extra drawings, information, and unseen issues. I have read them adoring the seven family members, and falling in love with Death and Delirium. Until today, nothing seemed out of ordinary, until I realized that in human eyes, these seven are the villains in our eyes. Nobody wants to die, have nightmares, or go insane.
Neil, you just blew my mind. You created characters that one normally hates and is scared of, and made them loving and beautiful.
Just sharing my thoughts :) Happy Friday, and 100 posts!

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