Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Every day I sign on to blogspot, looking for new post to read, scrapeing my mind for something to write, think, or rant about. Everyday, I want to post and scream and show you my insides
from my bright mind to my dark heart to my always hungry stomach, I dig and I peel at the layers holding a post back.
Every day when I log on, I look at my readers and every once in awhile, I have a new subscriber. I am currently up to ten readers.
I am still suprised that people want to read about my exsistance, but there is a few things I am not sure I'll be able to post about
The big one is religion. Why? because God-fearing people can rant all they want about being saved and being loved and having a shit-filled day, but "it's okay, because I love you and I serve you and no matter what happens one day will be glorious."
That, my dear readers, is not how I live. I live off of Karma, off of late nights and sleep-filled mornings. Long drives to work, falling short on gas money, and making friends who are there for me.
I dont live off of the thoughts of an afterlife, being with my family forever, sitting on a could of fluffy white. I've had religion around me my whole life, but it will never be my bag of tricks.
and if one day, God walks up to me and shakes his finger at me, then I'll take it. But until then
I'll live life
for myself.

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