Monday, October 11, 2010

I cant help but want to help you.

Baby girl
we have our ups and our downs
but my heart is only beating because you kept it that way.
you know my dark past, and you welcome my every flaw
with your smiling eyes and your warm arms
and I know life is hard right now
and I cant help but want to drive a thousand miles to see your happy face
and to buy a pint of rocky road
and cry on the valley view roof
"if only things were how they used to be"
"why does the world have so much bad in it?"
lets watch I Love Lucy and The Wizard of OZ and talk about boys and how gross they are (but they can be good kissers)
just talk to me baby.
I know I cant feel what you are feeling
but my feelings towards you alllll the way over there
not communicating with me
makes me understand.