Monday, September 27, 2010


I have had a lot on my mind lately. %80 of what I cant to say is too hard to write out, so here is something a little less worrysome.
it's still worrysome though.
also, if you ask me about this blogpost, I might not talk about it.
it's too stupid for real conversations.
I've never been one to become obsessed with someone or go crazy over their exsistence, I dont have a twitter for that reason, and I'm only friends with a small handful of celebrities on FB and such. the only time i have been obsessed with a celeb was my Jeff Hardy stuff, and I still love him, because he was my idol. I wasnt insane becuase how cute he was or his character, but everything he was I wanted to be. he was carefree, and I wanted that. He was a risk taker and a jokester, a hardass on himself, and he strived for greatness. Yes, so he is charged with drug use
we all have our toils
but this isnt supposed to be a blog about that Hardy boy
this is about someone else.
If i am in a relationship, I try to keep feelings to myself and that person, but sometimes I get crushes. I currently have a crush on a celebrity. The issue is ITS STUPID, and besides that I want to not have those feelings, thus not watch what he is on so I dont feel terrible (though its just a crush, fuck I'm 20, what the hell is wrong with me??) but he is on a show I really enjoy and want to keep watching. So I have this DUMB predicament.
please tell me you know how I feel.... PLEASE.
pathetic little me.

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