Friday, September 17, 2010

hypocritica bullshite.

So I hate "beating around the bush", but it seems it's one thing I have been champion of for my whole life. Gold metal in not telling the truth, blue ribbon in ignoring the problem..... so recently I have decided to ditch my system, and create a new one.
My inhibility to face things head on started at a young age. My brother and I would play for hours outside, ruining atleast one gardening tool, piece of clothing, or neighbors property a day, thus eventually facing the wrath of our father. Realizing that not telling the whole truth, or not bringing up an issue (such as bleeding from a wound due to playing with screwdrivers and the like) would result in feeling bad, but not as bad as the names and things my father would do in order to punish us.
Years of lying to him made it easier at school too, like lying to teachers about doing work, or making up stories to tell kids to make them like me. As more doors opened, running around the mulberry bush became easier, easier than living a boring life or getting in trouble.
eventually, people figure out you're a liar. especially if they are your parents or older than you. This gave me a new problem. I had to tell the truth, after lying for so long? Screw that!
Years went by, and I was slowly realizing that lying hurt more than it helped. Until I was about 16 years old, the majority of the babble that came out of my mouth was a bold-face, stupid lie. It took a lot, but I eventually beat it, and let me tell you, being a cumpulsive liar is a hard thing to kill. Somehow though, through all that, I made friends with liars like me. slowly backing away from those people was hard too, but until yesterday I still had one 'friend' that was that way.
She would talk to everyone, in the loudest voice possible, dance around looking for a spot light, and tell people what they WANTED to hear, or what she thought would make them happy. SHE is a damn liar. This girl dated my brother, for what seemed like a happy few months, but he eventually got over her and moved on. She was not okay with this, and took it upon herself (since she was so greatly wronged by teenage lust, 'love', and highschool drama) to make my brohters life 'a living hell'.
Now, reader, I do not know if you have any siblings, but of the two I have, he has been my best friend for years. We spent most of our childhood together, and he happens to be one of the few people that can cheer me up in any situation. being friends with my bothers ex started wearing on me. after they broke up I would go over for dinner, trying to enjoy time with a friend, but during that time her and her mother took it upon themselves to talk shit about my younger brother. I tried putting up with it, but as every post on her Facebook, every thought, and every action became about him, I started talking to her and hanging out, less and less. She would complain to me, to her family, other friends and so on, but never tell the same story, or take any advice.
Jennise has a problem with this.
We all told her to get over it, unknot her panties, and move on. She kept spreading rumors, going after his girlfriends, and even asking (time after time) to date him again. I tried to leave it to beaver, but yesterday, that ignoring process became too much.
After reading a juvinile "dear you-know-who-you-are" post on her Facebook, I went home for dinner, thus learning it was truely about him. The post sums up (in my words) that he's a scumbag, but she still loves him. We easily figured out it was about him because a) it's her post and b) he couldnt view it
I took it upon myself to send a short and sweet text saying I was sick of her mopey shit, and that our friendship was over, the whole time deneying it was about him. she then texted him about it, not understanding why I would freak out like that, so he took this oportunity to do some digging. She tried telling him the post was about someone else, but when asked why it was blocked from him, she was cornered.
I think we all know the morale to this story. Don't lie, or tell half of the truth. overall, don't be a terrible person, and learn how to tell the truth or keep your mouth shut.

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