Saturday, September 11, 2010


I need to write three blogs
one about age
one about religion

but this one will be about my latest tattoo.
Let me start off by saying if someone wants something permanently on their body, then hell, let them do it. You cant change their mind, they want it, and they will get it.
second, is no matter how -stupid- you think that tattoo is, they will love it and look at it and enjoy their new skin, and the meaning it has to them, or that it will grow to have.
Not all tattoo's have meaning when you get them, they can just be a change you want or a saying you enjoy. When I got my first tattoo, it was spontaneous, random, and googled. As time went on, I fell in love with what it actually started meaning to me. "this iron heart may be dented and rusted, but god dammit she's a runner."
it meant that through everything, I gained a layer of skin, and put a lock on my damaged heart.

My second tattoo meant the world to me. It sang to me, it looked up whenever I looked down. My tattoo was to remind me that through it all, I am all the motivation I need to get up and do something. I am the change I need in my world, I am my own god and I will do things right, because I have to. This tattoo is me.

My third and latest tattoo was a spur of the moment, but for a few weeks I had wanted it engraved on me. I wanted to feel the words, grow and learn from them. The issue there, is people's stupidity. I go back to my first and second comment on how I wanted it, and how I got it, and how I enjoy seeing words on my skin like ink on parchment. I love the way they feel on my ribs, and will love them as if the words were born with me.
About people's "stupidity", is that it's the end song to a video game. I have played, but not finished this game, thus (nerdy) people look down at me when they find out I have not actually completed this game, and earning this song.
The phrase is why I got it, I take it literary, as well as what I have added in my short time of owning this new layer of skin
"you don't always have to finish what you start to learn a lesson from it"

Thank you for reading, and realize the next time you judge someone, you should judge yourself first.

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