Monday, September 13, 2010


Age is a funny thing. Throughout history, age has played a big part. People used to die in their 40's and it was considered a full life, parents used to decide marriage for thier children, and those kids werent even in their teens yet. You think as time changed, so would people, but I guess not.
As usual, I will point out what some people might think when they read my ideas out of this blog. "what say do you have in this matter?" Well, fellow youngins, I may be someone you dont look up to, maybe it's my eight piercings or thrice tattooed skin... but I have been in a few handfuls of relationships. I know what love is, or what some people think it is. That unsettleing happy feeling in your stomach, The way your mood lights up when you see them, the endless hours you spend with them is never enough.
I have thought I was in love, only to find out I was wanting love, I was sitting, waiting for something that wouldnt happen. Maybe it was because I was younger than 17, maybe it was the less than 4 month relationships, but I wanted and wanted, and they were always one sided.
So once I hit 19, things started making sense. I decided I didn't want to marry til 26, and have kids til 30. I want to be grown up and understood and confident. The reason I started this "list of shit I should wait to do" was because too many of my high school friends were deciding they were in love and wanted babies and were going to pop out some hellions and live happily ever after. Oh, also get hitched, forgot that *important part.
* There was an astric because marriage isn't important any more. People get married way too young, after a 3 month relationship, and 1 month engagements. Maybe YOU aren't aware, but until you have been with someone for about 3 years, you dont know them, and if you havent lived with them... then you're fucked. Living together is a huge step, I know momma said and you dont wanna listen to momma, but my momma was right, and after you have kids, it changes even more. My parents were together for a good dating period, got married when they were 24, and started having kids at 30. My parents were married for 17 years or so, then they called it quits.
That should also have an astric, as my Dad changed drasticly with the marriage, the move in, and the three hellions. He put up with us, and we put up with him, and until I was about 17 there was no loving relationship there. I will never forget the day I first heard my dad use the word "beautiful", or after realizing he was actually looking at flowers, butterflies and the rest of the world. It took my Dad 46 years to grow up and become himself. I wish you better luck.
And I dont mean to be miss negative Nancy over here, saying nothing will work and life will suck and you will get divorced and die old, alone, and done for... it may work. I just feel the percentage of "the possibility of living happily ever after" gets better the older you are, the longer you have been with the peron, and your maturity level.
Love and happiness is too much of a gamble, but we love to play it so.

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