Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Falling in love with a motorcycle

The title really says it all.
Her whole life, my mother has hatred for any two weeled vehicles, scooters, harleys, crotch rockets, you name it. Because of her hatred for these things, she told me I could never touch one until I was out of the house.
Well, mother and world, my name is Jennise Gaines, I have just moved out, I am one month shy of 20 years old... and I love strapping on a helmit, holding on tight, and leaning with Shane's turns.
I love the way the wind hits the helmit, the angle the sun hits my legs, and the way Shane sits up and hold my hand. The turns are sharp, the wind is harsh, and baby
I'm in love.
Look out world, this has just started <3

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