Thursday, July 1, 2010

13.1 miles

at the start line, I was giddy
I walked for a mile with gym class in my ear, and watched the time clock
13 minute miles.
and I walked on, looking at the other people around me.
The bands slowly passed by, and we all cheered and clapped, and they smiled.
as music spread through my ears, I thought about what those 13 miles meant to me, then I looked around.
other walkers had shirts that stated they were there for someone else
"in loving memory"
I thought of Ansley
they said supportive words for friends with cancer
I thought of my Grandma
of Noah
and everyone that has sufferd.
Then I brought my thoughts back to myself, and how I has in this marathon for me, for my inner strength, and thought of everything 13 miles stood for.
13 miles stood for the many times I've let myself down for a boy
13 miles meant the end of loosing sight of my dreams for any reason
13 miles to think about what I am doing, about what I want to be doing
and about the thousands of people that were just like me
and the thousands that werent.
I was one in almost 30 thousand people
to them, I was another pair of shoes
or someone running for a reason
or maybe none at all
and it meant the world to me.
11 miles felt like a first kiss
12 miles looked beautiful and lively
and 13 miles
so close, and I didnt have to push. I still had a jump in my step and a smile on my face as I crossed that line with 'hands down' by dashboard confessional in my ear
and it was glorious.

here are my videos, the before finish line is closer. I'm the pale one that runs funny and is almost naked.

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