Monday, January 3, 2011

i cant really think straight

its just confusing
to be completely honest
because i know breaking it off is the right thing.
I adore you, I love everything about you
well, not everything
but you don't love everything about me

maybe we could rekindle the flames?
it would eventually end for better
or worse
and I cant loose you
i would rather let you go

I don't write about you like I used to
i don't know how to touch you
i could have just kept quiet and tried
but i didn't
I don't want this to happen
but it has to

maturity has to win here
I can do this
for maturity
for all of the rash decisions i have ever made
I have to be strong and start now

what should I do?
should I clean?
turn into a pool of jello on the bed?

I could have kept this going
it wouldnt have lasted
better to end it now than keep it going
I can do this
this is right

what is wrong?
is touching his stuff wrong?
I have never had a break this clean
I feel the awkward bars
but they dont need to be there
this is best for both of us
maybe it will change?

i miss us already

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