Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in strange places

Every day I look for inspiration in the world around me
I go on websites and look at beautiful works of art
I look at pictures from around the world
of beautiful places, of human or nature
and no matter what, I cant find that inspiration.
The only way I have found inspiration is if a wonderful or strange event happens
or I read wonderful, well written, emotional pieces of art
and I have found a new artist in a place I never thought to look.
I have heard her talk about her blogs, and how she doesn't think she is that wonderful
but every time there is a new post on my dashboard, I cant wait to open the book into her mind, heart, and soul, and read encrypted stories of a young girl who cant wait to learn
every word is golden
chosen precisely for its sentence
written with love and care and thoughtfulness.
every time I read, I decode the picture she posted
and think back on times when we were younger
and I can't help myself from stopping and thinking about how far she has come
and how far she still has to go
but she will welcome it with wide open arms and a warm, adventuring smile
because I have never known her to turn down an adventure.
you're wonderful, darling
thank you for the flowers.

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