Monday, February 15, 2010

Your House...

Today was a day just like any other
every day is just that, a day.
It's a new begining, a day to break an old habbit, or start a new one.
Today I went for a bike ride.
Today, I burned the hell out of my thighs, and was feeling alive
then my ipod found a song that i've never heard before.
At first it sounded sweet, but it was definitly melancholy.
I couldnt get myself to change it as Alanis Morissettes' voice poured through the wires
entered my ears
and told my brian a story that fed me pain.
"would you forgive me, love..."
She cried out to me, she wanted to feel a little less alone
if just for a minute.
To have back the past that seemed so much easier than the future...
I listend intently, waiting for the happy ending, waiting for the man to walk in and join her, but it didnt happen
I knew it wouldn't, but I hoped anyway.
Its like when you watch a movie and you know how its going to end
but you close your eyes and hope he'll walk back into the room
or the water will stop rising, and your favorite character will be saved...
it doesnt happen, and maybe, if I convince myself
I can finally believe this is all layed out perfectly
no matter what I do this was supposed to happen
if I save your life now, you're still going to drown soon...
its a bit easier to believe and cope that way.
I'm supposed to be alone.
No one is able to be here for me because I'm supposed to cry
"salt in your bed"...
this is what I wanted anyways, right?...
... right...

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