Monday, February 8, 2010

this is about me

it always has been
it always will be
things go and things seem
like a dream within a dream.

people come
and people pass
and some of their stories are meant to last
but others are just grains of sand
when the tide washes in, where will you land?

broken hearts and mis-conceptions
a map laid out with wrong directions
a compas always pointing south
when worse comes to worse
when do you open your mouth?

though words flow out
thoughts form within
of love, life, and memories of back when
but i trap myself in a box tittled "past"
and no matter how hard i try to break out
this lock and hinges were meant to last.

a dream may be a dream
or maybe its a life unknown
a grain of sand may seem minute
but that spec holds together a stubborn land
and what walks upon it is a creature titled man.

havent written in awhile. this is gross and messy. whatever, its here. time for food and a work out.

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