Saturday, February 13, 2010


my day was just crazy.
I woke up to a phone call i did not want, leading to a conversation that i now hate myself for, but i cant apoligize, not this time.
i then found out the person that did my tattoo moved up to everette, therefore i have to now go and pay to get it touched up somewhere else. that wasnt too bad though.
then i planned a day out for my bestie, it was all romantic and girly, then i found out it was all for naught because her family made her stay home. whatever, saw her later.
then everybody, and i mean everybody, happend to be busy. i watched the rest of firefly all by my lonesome, and when i wanted to watch serenity, no one cared att alllll.
well, now that i was just a bitch full of rant, here's the real delema.
i really dont see how i can keep you in my life like this. its just like we're an old couple that only fight and hate eachother. and guess what, tomorrow is valentines day. oh boy, oh joy, of fuck it. i dont know what my 'boundaries' are, but seriously, right now i want me some guy time, and im not gonna lose sight of what i want or screw all of washington, hell, i dont wanna screw anybody, but i want some feeling and maybe a movie. so hate me, but i hope you would do the same if the chance aroused.
i hate the fact that this is how i have to communicate with you, if you even read this.
well world, have a good night, and valentines day. im gonna go play neopets then sleep. peace the fuck out!

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