Saturday, March 30, 2013

nothing much.

you're just a college drop-out, sitting next to your cat, wondering where your dreams went.
as a child, you dreamed of being an astronaut. you thought the universe would give you all the space
and you wouldn't have to be stuck on this tiny world.
now, you realize there isn't much to this place.
not matter where you go, you are seeing the same routines, the same smiles
the same cup of coffee.
you long for the universe to pull you in, still
maybe one day you'll get lucky, win the lottery
find hidden treasure
get rich quick.
will that really support your appetite?
I doubt it will quell your hunger, I imagine it will only seduce it.
you think sitting here, typing on a computer, maybe someone will see you?
see you for who you really are
pay for you to write for them
make you feel immortal just because you think you are special
hell, maybe they'll even fall in love with you.

that isn't how life works, it shouldn't be that way
get up off your ass and do it yourself
no one is handing you a silver platter.

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