Friday, March 29, 2013


sometimes it feels like there is a hole inside me... a pit that things fall into
maybe they get trapped deep in there, or maybe they find their way somewhere else

memories can take over the brightest parts of your soul. the blue skies i saw yesterday seem like a distant land..
but vice versa, the rain I feel on my skin can bring the happiest feelings to me.

I am terrified. I havent been able to let everything out lately. I dont know how to recover those things that fall into that pit.
like love, trust, understanding.

every day I feel like i am holding back
holding back a smile, a laugh, a few words that might change everything
because maybe i'll fall back again
maybe you'll learn about the dark things I can't change
or maybe you'll embrace them
embrace me
every part

I feel imortal
and i dont know how to handle it.

i wish i wasnt afraid.

I am not the demons that lurk in my past
but I am still scared of them
i still want to run

please catch me.

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