Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm so tired

stand at the bottom, look up and see
every hand-hold brings you a little closer to me
trust your feet, relax your hands
let your breath out, expand your arms...

I recently picked up climbing again. I feel like overtaking the world
I am only at the beginning of the tunnel. I have so much further to go
with climbing, with living, with love
sometimes I turn around and see the embers I have walked through
and the creek beds that have cooled my toes
I feel the scars from thorn bushes, barb wire, and more.

I have so much more to walk through
maybe some old paths, but thankfully, there will always be something new
there is a first time for everything
but the middle counts too.
if you're at the center of the tunnel, instead of running for the light at the end
why not rest? these walls are so lonely
they have been here for so long, waiting for another companion...

slip off your shoes, love
feel the rock beneath your feet
blindly reach for those hand holds
you never know who you might meet.

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