Friday, November 20, 2009

what made you an alley cat?

I wish I could make out a calendar that had days that were titled "don't fuck up my day" and maybe other days could say "I don't care, talk to me today!"
I was having an awesome morning, and I know I shouldn't act like just because I'm okay, everyone else is, but someone had to confront me about something I am trying to feel okay about, and he ruined my whole fucking morning. I know you are hurt, I am trying to put that behind me so I can make myself better, but hearing you're hurt only makes me want to pity and make you feel better. I cant do that, I have to do this for me, even if you're hurt, I've pitied too much, THIS IS FOR ME, I HAVE TO DO THIS EVEN IT I HATE IT. I have to hurt others, because if I don't I hurt myself. I've done that for 19 damned years, let me grow up!

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