Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm not saying that I will never know

I'm crazy. I don't understand why others dont realize.
I can't think in nice, structured sentances right now.
Everybody everybody (get down, get down now)
I am thinking of getting a new tattoo sometime soonish. As in soon, I mean after I touch up my last one and it gets closer to summer.
I'm falling, and this time I'm closing my eyes. yea yea, I fall too much, but I can't give up the adrenaline rush of wondering who will, or wont, catch me.
I was so scared last night, but your loud singing and drunked kisses made me calm.
I was even more scared later, and I really am not sure why, but you fixed things up so well.
I wish you would take pictures of me. I love modeling, but I love candidness better.
Write me a poem.
Write the world one about us.
I can't wait to see my other half <3
I am so glad I fell in love with my best friend so young. If boys came before you, I would be in shambles.
You are my rock.
Becomming a new person is hard to do. I knew I needed to change, but I never realized I was going to recreate myself. It's terrifying, and amazing.
Love me <3

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