Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear world, and everyone in it.

I love my life. I am happy. I am in this alone, I am here to fight, and get myself back. I am a trustworthy person, I am honest, but can sometimes be a bit too shy and... awkward. I have never been smooth with words, though writing is never as hard as speaking.
Today was nothing special, but the one thing that cheered up my day was a boy buying an engagement ring, and I reverted back to the days when I danced on the table and sang at the top of my lungs thinking I would either live happily ever after, or live in a house with my best friend with a "no boys allowed" door mat with a thousand cats, and I was fine with that thought.
I miss the days of not having to worry, so guess what? I'm reverting back. screw being so worried and awkward, I'm doing this for me, and the happiness I bring upon others shouldn't be my trying to bring them joy, it should be me living life and them happy because I am.
Best of luck to that couple. He deffinitly made my day.

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