Monday, November 3, 2014

Of men and robots

It's watching the clock tick in reverse
Reaching for the phone when it's already in your other hand
The feeling in your stomach that's far from full
And too heavy to hold anything else.
It's being too old to laugh at the age appropriate jokes
And too young to laugh at the drinkers
Stirring your coffee with your finger because asking for a spoon would raise your anxiety higher.
It's wanting to tell everyone
And screaming it at yourself instead
Hours of nodding and agreeing
Because you don't feel like bringing up the subject.
I'm worthless and lonely
But everyone I know would disagree
Yet that means nothing to me
Because I'll never be able to change the station in my mind.
The one that is telling me to drink more burnt coffee at midnight
Sing more distorted songs about love I'll never feel
And regret every time I didn't heed their warnings
Because I'm too damn stubborn to change

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