Thursday, October 3, 2013

the moment I knew

It's like standing in the back of a movie
watching all of the frames click past
I have no voice
and I kind of like it.
today I needed to talk to you
and I realized I forgot your number
I forgot your username, and your middle name
and I smiled.
time heals all wounds
and I get to watch the scabs form
and they feel so good
this time I wont pick at them.
because I need you out of my memory
I found myself thinking about us
and it was nice not feeling lonely
because I have no reason to feel hopeless with him on my skin
that feeling on the tip of my tongue.
I didn't realize I had been settling
until I asked my Mom about how she feels meeting another person since you
she had to remind me I had been dating since Michigan
but I had to really think about it
and I felt so guilty at first
but I deserved to feel something.
and maybe I have been heartless
but I have a beat in my chest now
a bounce in my step.
this autumn air feels so lovely
it's like being pushed back into my own body
and I just want to dance to every song
because I am becoming me again
and I never realized I left.

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