Thursday, September 12, 2013


So I might be part of a generation with too high of hopes
we were pushed as kids to live how we wanted, do what made us happy
then by the time high school hit, I had to have my future figured out
a College, a degree, a detailed list
teachers were honest and brutal
and said if we didn't get a degree, we would be left on the streets
in reality, I was just left to a lower class
a title that people fight every day in order to stay confident
yeah, I make minimum wage
I live from paycheck to paycheck, and at any given time this year, I haven't had more than $700 to my name
(and those were the good days)
but I love my job.
I am excited to see what I will learn, the people I will meet
the experiences I might take on by working in the oldest building I have ever been in
with some of the quirkiest, strange (and sometimes downright freaky) people
but I will keep learning
maybe I will take classes and even think about a degree
but until I have my mind made up
-for more than 2 weeks at a time-
I will not force myself to put money I dont have
and time i could be using to enjoy my life
on a future I cant shake a stick at.
I know I wont be famous
I will probably have hard days that destroy me, knowing that my healthcare is complete shit
but then I will have the good days
because of all the things I put my money into
nothing will amount the the time I invest in smiling with my friends.

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