Sunday, May 5, 2013


Ever look at fragments of your life and wonder why it isn't fair?
why little things that happened along the way never made full sense?
"you cant have your cake and eat it too"
i hate that statement.
knowing full well what I want
what will make me happy down the road
and realizing the path I take hurts people makes me want to take a step back
but if I do i will never get to where I want.
It sucks, looking at people that are working hard on a career or life goal
then looking in the mirror and realizing my only life goal is getting a ring on my finger
seems a bit selfish, doesn't it?

I don't know. nothing else seems like it will keep me happy the way a serious relationship does.
I love being someones girlfriend. I love having dinner ready when he gets home, sharing showers, and being alone together. I just dont think many other things will measure up to that emotional bond

and I am terrified I will never find "him" again

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