Friday, March 25, 2011

You are my radio star.

In high school, I was many things. I was a drama kid, an emo kid, a goof ball, a flirt, and a hypocrite. of all the things I did at Kentwood, there were few people that would nod at my stupid rants, roll their eyes at my latest obsession, and be there for me no matter what the cost.
There are few people in this world that will let me appear at their house, without warning, wearing ridiculous clothing and be perfectly fine with me stealing their food. I also, have few friends that wont roll their eyes when I say I am so excited for wrestle mania I might pee my pants
There is one man that stood their when I was falling fast, and caught me. One man that got in my face and made me change things for the better. One person that I can easily call the one.
The one true King, that is.
TOTK and I started out (unaware to him) as enemies. I couldn't stand his jokes, loud voice, and crude comments, until one day, cards brought us together.
There aren't too many people that will let you walk over them, and take your apology later. TOTK will re-read your letters and put them back in their box, until the next time he needs to read them.
He never forgets the times he needed you most, he'll hang his head and listen when he has done something wrong, and he always keeps his door open to those who deserve it.
I am glad you are still here, Kelly King.
Welcome Home.

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