Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want bad coffee and good eggs.
Sitting in this diner, listening to useless conversations about WiFi and TV shows. I yearn to have a companion sitting across from me, blabbering about oil changes or diplomas.
What matters in this world? Human interaction, name changes, and bank account numbers?
I want an ice cold cup of water. I want to deprive my body until my mind creates sweet words and savory sentences to fill this empty stomach and not feel lonely.
My eyes can't focus, and this coffee is definitely bad. They don't have real eggs here, so I order crepes.
There is a man with shiny shoes and a dates class ring across the restaurant. what makes that man happy? Picking up his suit from the dry cleaners, polishing his shoes, cutting a business deal? Or is there more to this suited man drinking tea?
In school they always said questions in essays don't flow well. Good thing this isn't an essay.
These crepes aren't bad, I pour another cup of coffee and tear at the cream.
Two girls my age are talking about pop culture, thinking they know everything about the world, while two older woman are talking about vacations to Santa Barbra and Germany. It's always a fight to be louder than the person across from you, isn't it?
My crepes are already cold, but I force myself to cut rectangles and spoon them in. School busses are passing by, I woke up late today.
I never want to be like any of the people in this diner, and these crepes suck.
Waiter? More coffee and my bill.

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