Thursday, June 17, 2010

you're so much stronger than the friends you keep

Everybody else's wrinkle lines
their grey hairs
their bulging, pale old eyes.
You look at them in wonder
you see age as a growing tool
the older you are, the more mature.
I see 40 year old's making mistakes I did 3 years ago
maybe I'm maturing faster
or this is easier than it looks.
Just because they are older
does not mean they are wiser
it's based upon the mistakes you make
and what you do to better yourself from them.
It's the heartbreaks and the walls you build
or the motes you dig
or still keeping your bleeding heart on your sleeve
for the world to see.
Maybe it's fighting with yourself to be better
or happier
or to just live long enough to get the hell out of this town.
whatever it is
do it
and fight it
and work yourself to the bone.
you are your greatest failure
you are your greatest success story
you are your harshest critic.

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