Saturday, July 2, 2011

I tried.

I have tried keeping to myself, but I have to be honest- I am so confused.
I met you, and for a week, we were fun, we spent a lot of time together, confided in each other
then after a week, you stopped.
stopped being fun, stopped talking
just. stopped.
I have your side, yes, I have heard I am too touchy, I have been told I can be a bit too much
but I asked and double checked, and you said everything was fine.
do you see my side? do you know what I think?
I think for a week you put on a show
I feel like you LIED to me.
so, currently, I sit in a lonely apartment, scratching my head, starving, and picking at myself trying to think. THINK.
What the hell is wrong with me?
why am I so messed up? what the HELL did I do?

and why do I feel like I have no friends?
because, Jennise, it's after 1 am
and you dont matter.
thanks me, I hate you too.

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