Thursday, May 26, 2011

I remember sparkly purple nail polish
and watching baseball games behind TV trays.
I remember falling out of trees
and swings that we would make rhymes upon
I vaguely remember something about a train
and a child-retarded version of "I believe I can fly".
I remember every time we went down the stairs a different way
and finding our Christmas presents early.
I remember our bath tub
and my broken foot
and how we drew quiddich hoops and lightning bolts all over it.
I remember my Barbies
and the vent we passed toys through when we were in time out
and hating ACDC songs.
I will always remember Grandpa's house, and the adventures we had crawling through his hordes of treasures, and since cleaning it out, I will always be thankful that we didn't die doing so. I will never forget jumping over the motion light, sneaking peaks, and "the weenie rub". I will always love the beach, and picking up shells and making every move a game.
You will always be my younger brother, and I will always love you.

I can't believe how old we are.

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