Tuesday, December 8, 2009

you make me sick

yea, that's right, YOU.
you sit there, wallowing in your own piss and pity, when you really just need to GET THE FUCK OVER IT! everyone is aware that all your pathetic posts are about him, all those little "i miss you's" and pittiful cries for attention are enough to make me gag. sure, he's close to me, but if it was anyone I would be saying the same damn thing. it took me 2 god damned years to get over someone, but i wasnt as fucking pathetic as you are being.
you think you are losing friends because they're all shitty, but in reality, YOU are the shitty person. everything HAS to elvolve around you or it's the end of the fucking world. the reason you're "best friend" isn't that great is because you let her treat you like shit, you like feeling like crap so you can WHINE to other people and make them rant on the internet! you sit on your throne, saying "so-and-so is such a whiner" or "all they think about is themselves" and then turn around and say you wear your fucking heart on your sleeve. bull fucking shit.
if you ever read this, i bet you my left leg you wont say more than a few heated words then go tell the world that i was always a bad friend, you'll never have me back up my words with explanations and try to better yourself.
the only person who can change your world and who you are is YOURSELF, and if you continue to just sit there and DROWN YOURSELF in you're own disgusting pity, then you are equal to... well, nothing. i have no pity for your shit, and the only reason i havent said this to your face yet is because you wouldnt hear what i'm really saying, you'd just hear the bad and go cry to someone who "cares"
think about it, GIRL, its all YOU, only YOU, and YOU should do something about YOURSELF.

peace the FUCK out.

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